Mission Statement:  Eagle View Training is dedicated to promoting all equestrian disciplines; educating all equestrians on the benefits of inter-discipline cross training; and unifying equestrians of all disciplines, all ages, and all experience levels to our one passion ~ horsemanship.

We strongly believe that cross training improves physical and mental performance by:

  • Increasing horse and rider fitness, flexibility, endurance, strength, and relaxation
  • Increasing horse and rider’s capacity for mental adaptability
  • Diversity in a fitness program helps reduce the risk of injury
  • Diversity in a training program helps reduce boredom and burnout


Equine Training Philosophy

We use a combination of modern, traditional, and natural training techniques at Eagle View Training because we feel that each approach has some good principles to offer. But because horses are so diverse in their learning style and temperament, effective trainers need to have a wide arsenal of methodology in order to be effective with a wide variety of horses. So we remain adaptable and change our approach and techniques in accordance to what the horse responds to and what we are trying to accomplish. Our goal is to instill an attitude of confidence and respect in the horse while simultaneously conditioning his body in order to create a fit, balanced, strong, supple athlete. In other words – train the mind and train the body.

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Student Instruction Philosophy

Our goal at Eagle View Training is to “maximize every rider’s full potential”.  We understand that every rider’s progress is measured differently so we create an individualized training program to cater to the varying goals, learning styles, and learning timetable of each rider.  We want every rider to enjoy the challenges and rewards that horse riding offers, and to feel confident in their riding and horsemanship skills and achieve a superior level of trust with their equine partner so that they can go beyond what they ever thought they were capable of accomplishing.