“If you are dedicated to improving your sport, Eagle View is perfect for you and your horse. I started taking riding lessons at Eagle View a few years ago with a focus in jumping. By riding several different horses and receiving excellent instruction I was able to greatly improve my riding skills and start jumping. The horses here are high quality, and the instruction is as well. On the show team, I was able to experience different disciplines and compete in some local shows. I am now a freshman at Meredith Manor Equestrian College and feeling confident in my riding skills with a solid base of riding under my belt.”  Breanna H. (Parker, CO) – Student


 EVT Testimonial 1Grace M. (Parker, CO) – Student


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Moanna M. (Parker, CO) – Parent


Jennifer Agnew is a phenomenal trainer, therapist, and friend! With the ability to make adjustments for beginner – advanced riders, the equine education never stops. Eagle View has taken my western pleasure background and developed confidence, skill, and knowledge I am able to apply while show jumping and performing cross country. Highly recommended for all ages regardless of prior experience. Abby N. (Aurora, CO) – Student


Eagle View Training is my second family. Jennifer is a fantastic trainer I have been riding with her since my freshman year of high school, and she has taught me how to be a better rider. Jennifer builds students confidence, works hard, and enhances riding skills. Riding with Jennifer has taught me so much not only how to ride, but also taught me how to be a better person overall. Eagle View training is a wonderful place to ride and I would recommend it to anyone. Not only do you learn how to ride, but you learn how to take care of horses and the barn. Riding with Eagle View has changed my life for the better. I have become more confident in my riding, and I have learned so much through her. She can take any riding level and transform the person into a phenomenal rider. She is not just a fantastic trainer, but a great friend. I look up to her so much, and I would not want to rider anywhere else. I recommend Eagle View to anybody any age. It doesn’t matter if you have never been on a horse or if you have been riding all your life. Either way she will teach you so much, and you will become an even better rider.  Shelley M. (Elizabeth, CO) – Student 


As a boy I grew up around livestock and horses. I never learned to ride properly and after nearly 40 years I decided it was time to learn. I began looking for a place to take lessons from; I contacted several facilities, but most never returned my calls. Those that did didn’t seem interested in taking on an older student. I finally met Jennifer with Eagle View Training at the Douglas County Fair where she had set up an information booth. She not only impressed me with her knowledge and commitment but also the variety of activities she uses to help train students. I immediately signed up for lessons and have been training with her for almost two and half years. The experiences I’ve had have been rewarding and gratifying, even though they can at times be frustrating and difficult. With Jennifer’s’ encouragement and reinforcement of posture and technique she’s guided me through them until I’ve become more accomplished. She is dedicated to ensuring every student’s success, regardless of their age or ability. The extra events we attend like the horse shows and cattle sorting practices have allowed me the opportunity gain more confidence and refinement. I’ve learned a lot more that just horsemanship from Jennifer, and I believe other students have too. Anyone choosing Jennifer and Eagle View Training will gain that extra awareness of themselves as well. Brent T. (Castle Rock, CO) – Student


Wonderful instructor, great with children of all ages and ours started with her at 4yrs old! She keeps their interest, builds confidence, maintains safety, teaches horsemanship and not just riding, and she develops great riders. We couldn’t ask for a better riding instructor! Family atmosphere, not just another riding school. Maria S. (Parker, CO) – Parent



I just want to say that Jennifer has done a awesome job with my mare.  I went from not being able to enjoy riding my mare because it was always a fight to taking her off property down the trails and actually enjoying it.  That was all because of Jennifer! She has taught both me and my mare with patience and kindness. I am not a beginner, but have been out of the saddle for too many years and needed a refresher. Jennifer explains what she is doing and why as she teaches.  She is a great teacher and a great person.  You wont go wrong by putting yourself, your horse or your child in her capable hands. Tracy H. (Parker, CO) – Student


Britt testimonial

 I have been riding with Eagle View Training for over 5 years.  I developed riding skills for variety of horses with different personalities.  I have been able to learn to ride both Western and English. Jennifer Agnew and the Eagle View Training family helped me build confidence, understand the value of hard work, and develop a sense of responsibility.   I have built the confidence I need to ride safely.  I gained hard work because Jennifer Agnew would never let me give up and teaches us how to take care of the horses.   This is done through learning to groom and tack up our horses prior to riding and after the ride is complete.   I gained responsibility that I was the only person that could make my riding improve.   I am grateful for everything EVT gave me to be the person I am today.   Brittany S. (Aurora, CO) – Student