Thoroughbred Racing

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Healthy and well-managed Thoroughbreds have the ability to race as often as every 4-6 weeks, offering owners an entertaining experience and the potential of financial reward. You can begin recouping your investment by finishing in the top five – typically, the winning horse takes home 60% of the listed purse, 20% goes to second place, 12% to third, 6% to fourth and 2% to fifth place. A horse with a good pedigree that also performs consistently well will increase in value and can be worth a tremendous amount of money as a broodmare or stud.


However, the reward extends far beyond a financial one — nothing beats the anticipation leading up to your horse’s first race, or the feeling of pride as you open up the Daily Racing Form and see your name listed as the owner! At least, you thought it didn’t get any better than that, but then you enter the paddock on race day and stand beside your horse as the jockey, who is decked out in your very own silks, mounts your 1,200 pound athlete and steps him onto the track and you are overwhelmed with another surge of excitement. The thrill then heightens as your horse prances out in the post parade, then loads in to the starting gate, and then pounds down the track across the finish line, possibly ending you in the winner’s circle. But the thrill continues even after the wire, win or lose, as you look to your next race with hopeful anticipation and you are constantly reminded of your horse’s progress as you continue to receive his timed workouts in your inbox. And the feeling of visiting your horse in the stable yard in the early morning hours to watch him workout is indescribable. So while you are adding up all of the costs associated with owning a Thoroughbred racehorse, keep in mind that you cannot put a price on the emotional experience that is “Thoroughbred Ownership”!

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Purchasing and managing a Thoroughbred racehorse can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be an overwhelming and confusing one. Eagle View Training has been involved in the racing industry for several years, and has worked the industry from all angles – as an exercise rider, as an owner, as a trainer, as a bloodstock agent, and as a manager of a Thoroughbred facility – so let us partner with you so that we can use our expertise to help guide you through this venture.


We can be your:

  • Bloodstock agent,
  • Colorado-based trainer,
  • Breeding advisor and manager,
  • Source for national trainer connections.
  • Consultant when you need answers and advice on any angle of the industry…even what to do with the horse who you wish to retire from racing
    • Eagle View Training has a proven track record of successful “flipping” of horses (taking off-the-track Thoroughbreds and retraining them as a sport horse who can then be resold for a profit as a competition horse)

Because we offer such a vast array of services all of our contracts and pricing are negotiated on an individual basis. Please contact us to schedule a meeting in order to discuss your individual needs and the pricing associated with those services.